You are wine enthusiast, that just wants the bragging rights. Or maybe, you are considering transforming a hobby into a career.

You are already working in wine and hospitality sector and are looking to further your career with WSET – wine industry’s most prestigious qualification program.

You are a trade professional and/or company that recognizes the measurable benefits of wine training and the simple fact – that it can dramatically improve your bottom line!

Our vision is to support and facilitate you – our students and clients in achieving your professional dreams and goals. Our end goal is to ignite your passion, self-awareness and confidence for what the world of wine can offer.
We’re only as good as our last course, our last event, our last consultancy. So, we teach and work with love and dedication. Your future success is our why!
Our mission is to provide our students and clients with education, training, counselling, coaching, tools, resources, and life changing insights in the world of wine and hospitality. And, at the end of the day – reliable strategies that will facilitate the achievement of their professional goals.
Giving back. This is very important to us and it is the motivation behind bringing WSET to Macedonia. This qualification opened the gates of international and fulfilling careers for us, and we would love to give that opportunity to our students.

Our team

“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” –Henry Ford

Petar Velickovic

Founder & WSET Educator

My name is Petar. I spent most of my adult life living and working in the high-paced international settings of cruise liners and world-class restaurants owned by Michelin star chefs.

As every wine lover will tell you, there is that one moment in their life when they realize that wine will be their passion. In my case it was the wine book “Wine Wise”, given to me by one of my guests. I got the wine bug, and I never looked back.

Soon I learned that, for anyone working with wine or hoping to enter the industry, WSET qualification is considered to be the driving-license for the wine business, recognized and respected internationally.

In 2012 I took my first exam – WSET Level 2 in Gent, Belgium. As promised, this proved to be a stepping-stone for my first role as a sommelier on Celebrity Cruises. Passing the WSET Level 3 in Milano, Italy, helped me to fine-tune my palate and boost my CV with a globally-recognized qualification. This quickly led to the position of Assistant Restaurant Manager and Head Sommelier in the pre-opening management team of Wolfgang Puck’s CUT Restaurant in Four Seasons, Bahrein.

To compliment my education with the practical, service-oriented part of being a Sommelier, in 2016, I successfully passed the Certified Sommelier Exam at Court of Master Sommeliers in Athens, Greece. Currently, I am completing WSET Diploma and chasing my dream of becoming the first Master of Wine in Macedonia and Serbia.

After spending few more years gaining international experience as a Head Sommelier, Restaurant Manager, Department Head and Wine Sales Executive, I have decided to help others to realize how fun, challenging and rewarding the world of wine can be.

This is how Wine Way came to life. Join us on this adventure!

Ana Velickovic

Marketing Manager & WSET Examination Officer

My name is Ana, and I am a book-lover turned into wine-lover.

With a not-very-useful University diploma in  Literature, and spending nearly a decade working as a journalist and later on, as a HR specialist, I found myself on a unexpected, but challenging and exciting new path – career in wine.

After many years learning about wine “through osmosis”- while listening to Petar preparing his WSET and CMS exams, I decided that if I want to dedicate myself in this new career path, I would  need a globally recognized and internationally respected certification. In the summer of 2018, I passed the WSET Level 2 in Wines and Spirits, and WSET Level 3 in Wines in November 2020. This allowed me to combine my (a little bit forgotten, but renewed) passion for marketing with the exciting world of wine. Now I am proud to say that I am the Marketing Manager of Wine Way and Tussock Jumper MK, and WSET Examination Officer – passionate about promoting the wine culture and the importance of wine education.