My name is Petar, and I am a WSET (Wine and Spirit Education Trust) Educator and CMS (Court of Master Sommelier) Certified Sommelier, with 10+ years working around the world in five-star, celebrity-chef owned restaurants and hotels. So, I know a thing or two about high-end service and huge guest turnovers. The thing is – I believe that all this high-end hospitality secrets – could easily be translated and transferred to any market and work just as well. It is all about dedication and finding your WHY.

Why hire us? You want to increase your wine sales, don’t you?

That’s WHY.

There isn’t a hotel, restaurant or a shop that we could not bring to the next level – either by increasing its wine sales or its profitability from wine. My team and I can help develop a wine program, implement it and educate and train your staff with the sole purpose of maximizing wine sales and customer satisfaction.

1. Wine Program Creation & Development

2. Server Wine Training & Education

3. Wine Jobs (next stop…opportunity!)

Wine Program Creation & Development

Why have a Wine Program in your restaurant or shop? The simple answer is – because it can make a huge difference to your bottom line.
The right Wine Program will:
1. Increase the revenue and profit of the average customer;
2. Act as a magnet to draw in new customers and…
3. Help you reach the main goal of each business – turn everyone that walks through your door – into a repeat customer.

Increasing wine sales is one thing, generating additional profits quite another. Adding 2% or 5% profit to your wine program’s bottom line is like increasing sales another 20% to 30%.

What do you get when we create a personalized wine program for you:
1. Increased revenue and profit through: budgeting, inventory, pricing, costing.
2. Wines selected based on: market awareness, latest trends, balancing the size and price points of your portfolio.
3. Customer satisfaction through: understanding your customers’ needs.
4. Maintenance of the wine program based on: your needs!

Wine Server Training & Education

Why should you educate your staff? Again, the same simple answer – because it is proven fact that wine education and training can directly and dramatically improve your business’ bank account!

In a study conducted by the WSET and a well-known drinks retailer, a $300 investment in training resulted in $4200 additional sales over 3 months! Wine training should not be viewed as a cost, but as a way to improve your bottom line.
How will wine training reflect on your business?
1. From my personal experience, wine training will increase staff performance by 22% through staff training and 88% through active coaching
2. Staff retention through professional development – finding a new employee every 6 months is a painful reality in the hospitality industry. Training and education simultaneously improve the service your employees offer, and – not less important – satisfies their need for career development. 61% of employees who received job training said they were very likely to remain with their current employer for five years or more.
What do you get:
Customer loyalty and retention!
A knowledgeable and motivated staff that understands and responds to your customer’s needs, leads to happy customers who return frequently to enjoy your offerings and wines, and – increase your sales and reputation!

So, if you don’t want to increase your bottom line – it’s none of our business. But if you do, we would be honored to hear from you!

Wine Jobs

Are you interested in a carrier in the wine business? The wine industry is powered by passionate individuals and there’s always place for talented people. Together we can find your unique fit!

The wine and spirit industry is dynamic, diverse and offers many opportunities to build an exciting and rewarding career.

Visit WSET’s Career paths for an introduction to some of the key positions available in the industry.