You are a wine newbie or maybe a veteran wine lover, and you want once and for all to figure out what’s the deal with tannins, and what does terroir have to do with it all? Or maybe – how do you make white wine with red grapes and do you add flavorings to wine to achieve aromas or chocolate, cherry etc.?
If you ever wondered how the humble grape transforms into the drink described as “art you can drink” – you will definitely enjoy our tutored Tastings.

Treat yourself, your friends or a client to something memorable and different. At our Tastings our experts will guide you through a range of wines while educating you on the evening’s topic. This is a unique opportunity to explore your favorite wine region or get to know a particular grape. From blind tastings to introduction to Bordeaux or discovering the wines of the New World – these are unique chances to develop or show off your taster skills.
At the end of the day (or night) you will realize that you have built confidence in your own taste, and – you had fun doing so!

Saturday, March 30th 2019

Blind Tasting – 

Vranec vs Temjanika

Wine Way and Fine Wine invites you to the SECOND of our wine tastings! This time, it is time for – blind tasting!

It is time to challenge your taste buds and be the judge and jury – which of the 3 Temjanikas and 3 Vranec Barrique – deserves to call themselves – the best?

Introduced to you by our very own certified sommelier and WSET wine educator Petar!

Location: Fine WINE – Lju Paster no.5 (Cinema “Kultura”)

March 30th @ 6.30PM

reservation : +389 2 3120 772  and/or  ana@wineway.org

You can pay on account: 210-0727262601-97 – ‘За ВТОРА Винска дегустација’  

or reserve your spot and pay directly in Fine Wine

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